It is Possible to create a non-ecommerce site using Magento
non-ecommerce site using Magento
I have a site to develop. This site is a kind of voucher code site. Means this site will provide voucher codes for other sites. User will come to my site and pick voucher codes for an another site and will then redirect to that site. In short, it does not need any add-to-cart functionality of magento.

An example site is shown below in link:

However, this site require a strong admin side for support and I believe magento has a strong admin. This is the reason why I am planning to choose magento for my site. So my questions are

1)Is it good to use magento for developing such non e-commerce sites

2)What are the best practices that should take care of when developing such sites using magento

Please share your thoughts... Thanks in advance
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