A Guide to Men’s Dress Shoes
Leather Shoes
Planning to get back to the work office following a long time of working at home requires a difference in dressing and perspective for a considerable lot of us. While the workplace changes back to a natural setting as will our day-by-day schedules which incorporate trading your home shoes for a couple of office shoes. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, most of us will dress differently for work, whether it is a certain style, material, or shade.

Oxford Shoes
Close-lacing system oxford shoes with double leather outsole. An ideal choice for a professional appearance, these lace-up shoes combine traditional British elegance with comfort and high-quality style. The Goodyear welted construction of these shoes, which are handcrafted in one of Britain's oldest shoe factories, is renowned for its durability.

Oxford shoes feature a closed lace-up front and are traditionally made from leather. The look of the oxford is very traditional, which tends to make them more formal than your average shoe. They are often seen in business contexts and with professional attire. When wearing oxford shoes, the main points to keep in mind are cleanliness and sharpness. In order to achieve this, you'll want to keep the soles of your oxfords as clean as possible by regularly polishing them with shoe cream or similar product, and by making sure that dirt and mud don't get on your laces.

Derby Shoes
An open lacing system makes it easy to maximize your comfort with this men's Derby shoe. A timeless, versatile style suited for a range of occasions, it features premium Goodyear® leather for long-wearing durability and our legendary resoleable air-cushioned outsoles.

Derby shoes are a classic choice for formal wear. They can be more casual than some of the other traditional choices, but still have to be worn in a very strict manner. Derby shoes are the perfect choice when you're looking for something dressier but not quite as formal as Oxfords or Wingtips.

Difference between Oxford Vs Derby Shoes
Derby shoes and oxford shoes are similar in appearance as both are lace-ups. But derby shoes have an open lacing system which means the top part yank-tabs are not connected to the vamp part of the shoes with shoelace effectively. Derby shoes were named after a venue where horse racing competitions were held because they could easily be raced off as compared to oxfords. So derby shoes were faster than oxford shoes. Another main difference is that derby shoe's eyelets face forward while oxford's eyelets face towards the back.

Brogue Shoes
When it comes to footwear, the brogue is one of the most recognizable shoe styles. A hybrid of two other styles, the wingtip and the Full wing, the brogue's defining feature is punched holes. Aesthetically diverse and timeless in nature, brogues are a perfect shoe for any occasion.

Brogue is an aggressive form of men's dress shoes characterized by perforated patterns on its upper. It originated from "shoes with holes punched in them" but with the passage of time, it has evolved to be associated with traditional upper styling, flexible soles, and a characteristic sound when it comes in contact with hard flooring surfaces. The brogue shoe is now worn with suits, and come in different variations.

Slip-On Shoes
Barker classic, casual slip ons for men and women are an instant wardrobe update. Designed to be easy to take off and put on, our shoes are perfect for everyday wear. They're as flexible as they come, with a slim rubber sole that's naturally comfortable to stand and walk on, and cushioned insoles that provide all-day comfort. And with so many designs, you can find the slip-on shoe that fits your personality best.

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