What are the main driving factors For the Future of E-commerce?
Before we get too far into this subject I believe it’s important to first address the question: What is digital transformation? Let’s get the wool out of the most woolly phrase in the world of e-commerce by providing a straightforward definition: whenever you stop a physical process for an online process, you are engaging in a digital transformation plan. Simply put the act of putting down pen and paper to use the note-taking application is a kind that is a digital change.Some other examples of digital transformation are:Moving from mailers to marketing.New technologies are being adopted, such as cloud computing.Using digital tools, like Salesforce, to drive product engagement.Mixing e-commerce and in-store pickup and The BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup in Store).Leveraging data to create targeted multi-channel marketing plans.Working with research and market intelligence firms, like Gartner, IDC, and McKinsey to refine the digital business strategy.Embracing digital change.
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