What are the different business license types in Dubai ?
business licenses cost in Dubai
Dubai offers several types of company incorporation offers to investors and businessmen. The three main jurisdictions that Dubai has for enterprising entities are Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore. Each jurisdiction has its advantages along with rules and regulations. Like to set up a company in Dubai Mainland, you need to have a local sponsor who holds 51% of the company’s shares. Dubai Free zones offer 100% ownership with advantages like less to zero taxes. Offshore is similar to free zone companies but has different set targets and goals.

You have to decide which jurisdiction suits best for your business activities and apply for a relevant license. The Department of Economic Development is the authoritative body that issues licenses to business entities for setting up a company in Dubai Mainland. Dubai Free Zone Authority issues licenses for Free Zones and Offshore companies. The business licenses cost in Dubai is also different for different licenses.

The following are the different types of business licenses issued by the Dubai authorities:

• Commercial License

Business owners who business activities like transportation, healthcare, contracting, trading, real estate, food suppliers, rentals, etc. need Commercial license.

• Industrial License

Factory owners that operate factories such as food mills & packaging, carpet manufacturers, word products, furniture manufacturers, appliances % machinery factory and lightening equipment manufacturers need Industrial license

• Professional License

Individuals who work independently like lawyers, consultants, marketers, auditors, writers, organizers, doctors, accountants, freelancers, etc. need a Professional License.

The following are the types of companies that can be registered under these licenses:

•Joint Venture Company
•Private Shareholding Company
•Public Shareholding Company
•Civil/ Professional Company
•Limited Liability Company

You also need to have passed through certain eligibility criteria for acquiring any of these licenses. For example, if you need a professional license and want to form a professional Company then you need to have a valid professional qualification/s in the respective field of expertise.

For some licenses you need a local agent to act as a liaison between the government department and your company. EBMS will help you in getting one. EBMS is one of the most trusted business consultancy service providers in Dubai. They will help you with the process of company registration. They will help you in getting the right business license. To know the business license cost in Dubai, contact EBMS.

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