... like father, like son
Trump hypocritically denounce KKK, as does John Kasich (k-sick)
Kasich worked with Ohio's White Nationalist Alliance to preserve three Civil War Statues

After two terms of Kasich (K-sick) as Ohio's governor, Cincinnati one of the four principal cities of Ohio, has become the childhood poverty capital of the United States. While Kasich boasts of his ability to balance the budget. At least, now we know how he did it.

It is noteworthy that almost to the day that President Biden announced the passage of the Child Tax Credit, which will bring nearly half of all children in the United States (including the children plunged into poverty by the deliberate policies of Governor Kasich), out of poverty, CNN named John 'rosy cheeks' Kasich (don't worry, now that it has been brought to your attention you will see it) as a senior correspondent. One can but imagine that King, Tapper, Blitzer and Kasich will revel in their roles as stars on the Comedy News Network - the most trusted name in news.

The 20 year old neo-Nazi who killed a young woman during a KKK riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, grew up in Kasich's Ohio. It is perhaps a sign of our times that the press has not investigated the killer's activities in his native Ohio. Moral authority, the core essential ingredient upon which the tenets of the American Republic rely, have been mortally wounded by the likes of Trump and Kasich, Ryan, McCarthy, Meadows, Portman and McConnell.

​The road back to one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, will be a slow and painful process.

Kasich used the power of the governor's office to go after those who protested against his historic all-white Cabinet, calling them quota supporters and scoffing that “I don’t pay attention to my critics", neither does Donald Trump. However Kasich was unable to quell the opposition to his rather obvious white nationalist Cabinet and sought to correct what he called an oversight by adding two black directors to his administrative team. In other words, the establishment of an all white cabinet was true Kasich. The hurried addition of two black administrators in the face of the ensuing uproar, stands as a repudiation and public disapproval of Kasich's white nationalist beliefs and agenda.

As widely reported in the press, in his first month as governor, Kasich set out to settle some old scores. He complained about a three-year-old ticket for passing too close to an emergency vehicle by questioning the intelligence of the officer who had pulled him over and ticketed him. And although, Kasich later apologized to the officer, a couple of months later he signed a bill that stripped most collective-bargaining rights from the police, fire as well as teachers' unions.

Kasich appeals to the same slice of the American electorate that Donald Trump does, and for the same reasons; racism, white nationalism, cruelty and bigotry.

Kasich is joining a stellar organization at CNN and cast of above-reproach presenters.

It must not go unnoticed that at the highest level of the CNN establishment, working with a former Ohio congressman, arrangements had been made for Fareed Zakaria to host the President of Ukraine on air where the president was to announce that the Ukraine would be investigating Biden and his son. No satisfactory explanation for this obvious trumped up attempt to support the Republican candidate has been forthcoming, but suffice it to know that among those in the know, Zakaria has no credible reputation.

And, let us not forget Chris Cuomo, who stated on air that the Donald Trump that we know today, was not the same Donald Trump as he was over the decades that the Cuomo and Trump families were close. This is the same drama queen Chris Cuomo who tried to dub his Governor brother as 'America's Governor, and later against all journalistic ethics helped his under siege brother write news releases that would be aired on CNN.

Also, let us consider Brianna Keilar's - Big Lie, which is the subject of a separate article - watch this space.

With the addition of John Kasich to the CNN lineup of stars, one might consider the demise of Rick Santorum, who while running for the presidency claimed that the majority of assistance recipients in Iowa were from the racialized communities.

In April the stars of CNN and their highly toted medical correspondents were telling us how well India was handling the pandemic, which we learned in May was less than an accurate portrayal of actual circumstances in India.

John Kasich will fit in at CNN, perfectly.

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