Best King Size Frames
re you considering buying a King size mattress? To go with your mattress, you'll likely need a King bed frame. Go to Flo Mattress
Are you considering buying a King size mattress? To go with your mattress, you'll likely need a King bed frame.

High-quality King-size beds frames will help protect your mattress. They also set the tone of your room.

It can be difficult to find the right bed frame for you. There are so many choices on the market. You also need to consider other factors like what kind of bed frame you need, how big your bedroom is, your budget, and so forth.

This guide helps you to choose the right style and size frame for your bedroom.

What are King Size Bed Frames, and Who Does It Need?

King size beds frames have a standard dimension usually of 76 inches x 80 inches. Each person will have 38 inches of space and can share the bed with their child or pet.

That's why they are popular among couples and growing families with kids who love to crawl into bed with their parents sometimes, and among individuals who just prefer extra space while sleeping.

King size bed frames usually measure about a half inch longer and wider than the mattress. King-size bed frames are typically between 76.5 and 78 inches in width, and 80.5 to 82 inches in length.

If you are looking for a King size bed frame that includes the headboard, it will be slightly larger than the actual frame. The headboard will be between 79% and 81% wide. It can have a height of 48-64 inches.

However, these dimensions may vary slightly depending on the type of bed frame you want to buy. Also, some models may be slightly bigger or smaller than the dimensions given above as different brands have their sizes.

Floating platform beds will have a wider and longer frame, and all frames with storage, such as shelves and drawers, will be larger. Sleigh frames will be longer to accommodate curvature of the foot and head boards.

There are several factors to consider when buying a king-size bed frame

Here are some factors you should consider when purchasing an ideal King size bed frame:

Space in Your Room

Be sure to measure your space before buying a King size bed frame. Take measurements of the room you are looking to purchase to find out how big the frame will fit.


King-size bed frames are available in many price ranges. Depending on your budget, you have the option of a basic metal bed frame or a more luxurious upholstered bed frame with beautiful headboards, footboards, and shelves.

Also, you need to pay attention to the type of bed frame and whether it is a platform bed frame that comes with slats on which you can place your mattress, or it is a simple bed frame that will require a box spring or foundation.

If you select the latter, then you'll need to spend more money for the right box spring/foundation.

Bed Frames with slats

If you select a bed frame with vertical slats they will serve as the base of your bed.

Your mattress's lifespan can be affected by how close they are to each other. If the gap between the slats is too big, this may quickly weaken your mattress and cause it to sag in places over time. That's why the gap between the two slats shouldn't be more than 2.5 inches.

Box Springs Are Required For Bed Frames

In case you purchase a bed frame without slats or any support for your mattress, then you'll need a box spring.

Box springs are a wooden frame wrapped in fabric and containing durable springs that provide support for your mattress.

Box springs should have legs or a bed frame to prevent them from touching the ground.

Variations on a King Size Mattress

There are many variations of the standard King-size bed. It is designed to fit different sleeping requirements.

California King Bed

A California King mattress is the most popular variation, and it is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than the standard king. California King size beds can be used by taller people who need more room to rest their legs.

It may prove difficult to sleep with more than one child on the California king bed. This depends on the size and age of the children.

If you choose this option, make sure your bed frame can support the larger size of your bed.

Split King Bed

While a standard King size bed is ideal for couples who enjoy their personal space while sleeping and is spacious enough to accommodate one or two children who may want to co-sleep with their parents on some nights, Split King beds are great for couples who have different firmness preferences, but would still like to share the same bed.

Split King is a pair of Twin XL mattresses, placed side-by. Both sleepers can choose the firmness and comfort that suits their needs.

A Split King can be used with a split adjustable foundation and most modern King size beds frames, even if they don't have adjustable bases.
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